Smile of the Sun - 太陽のほほえみ



Happy Day! Happy Life!

smile of the sun - 太陽の微笑みイメージ A friend of mine, a Japanese businessman, recently made a a business trip to the United States. He showed me a medal, attached to a key ring which he received from an advertising company.

Engraved on the medal was written the English words, "Have a happy day."

These words, my friend explained, are the motto of that company. The same words are on the wall of the front office, on stationery and on souvenirs which are given to visitors.

My friend asked what was meant by a "happy day." The president answered "That is up to each individual to decide. Different people find happiness in different ways. The important thing is that a person must hope to be happy every day, and that he looks for happiness in what he does."

When I first saw the medal on the key ring, I was struck by the use of the words "one day." Usually, a wish for happiness is along time, but the motto of this American company pins happiness down to the present, in terms of a very short period of time, namely one day.

It is natural to hope for greater happiness in the future. But it must be remembered that happiness can be experienced in the present. If a person succeeds in being happy in the present, one day at a time, his whole life will be happy.


Smile of the Sun - 太陽のほほえみイメージ 私の友人で日本人のビジネスマンが、最近商用でアメリカに行ってきました。日本に帰ってきて私に会うと彼は、アメリカの広告会社からもらったというキーホルダー用のメダルを見せてくれました。

 そのメダルに、"Have a Happy Day" つまり「幸せな一日を過ごしてください」と書かれていました。