Smile of the Sun - 太陽のほほえみ



A New Lease on Life

smile of the sun - 太陽の微笑みイメージ Mr. and Mrs. Champion are a well-known dance team in America. They have enjoyed great success, but have also suffered some setbacks.

One trying experience concerned the prodiction of a movie. Everything went wrong and it was obvious that the film would be a failure. Mrs.Champion felt very depressed. She was also angry at various persons whom she thought were responsible for the failure of the movie.

A few days after the filming had been completed, Mrs. Champion found herself in the dressing room of the famed Cocanut Grove in Los Angeles. It was the first night of a week's engagement. She tried to warm up on the practice bars, but could hardly move her legs. She felt heavy all over-- no strength, no energy, no enthusiasm.

She stopped practicing, put her head in her hands and began to pray. When she came to the words, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us," she stopped at the word "forgive" and began thinking about it. One after another, people toward whom she had hard feelings came to mind. She decided to forgive them all. Mrs. Champion felt a strange sensation running through her being. The burden of resentment which had been weighing her down had been removed.

Her memory of that night is still vivid. "Out on the stage, when my husband threw me up into the air, my whole being soared," she says. "It was an amazing and wonderful night in every way. " It was a night when Mrs. Champion got a new lease on life.


Smile of the Sun - 太陽のほほえみイメージ チャンピオン夫妻はアメリカでも有名なダンシング・チームである。非常な成功を収めたが、また、何回かの挫折にも耐えてきた。



 そこで彼女は練習をやめ、頭をかかえこむようにして祈り始めた。「わたしたちの罪をおゆるしください。わたしたちも 人をゆるします。」と言ったその時、ゆるすということばの意味を考え始めた。すると次から次へと、彼女が冷たい感情を抱いている人々のことが思い出された。そしてみんなをゆるそうと思った。するとなんともいえない不思議な感情が身体中を包みこんでいくのを覚え、今まで重くのしかかっていた怒りが消えていったのである。