The Members of the Board


Three years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Iguchi formed a Family Corporation. Mr. Iguchi is the president, Mrs. Iguchi is the vice-president and the children, ages 9, 7, 6 and 4, are members of the board.

The board meets once a month. Hanako, 9, is the secretary. Kenkichi, 7, is the treasurer, who collects dues from each member who pays 1 yen for each year of their age. Then, business of the month is brought up for discussion.

Such matters as the children's allowance, division of household tasks, and other things for the house are discussed. Plans for the children's education, TV viewing time and vacations are also decided.

When it is necessary to make a decision, a vote is taken. Each member is given one vote for each year of their age. Mr. Iguchi is 35 and Mrs. Iguchi is 32, so a total of 93 votes are cast. They control a majority. However, most votes usually agree with the children.

The Iguchi Family Corporation was established by Mr. and Mrs. Iguchi to maintain close contact with their children as a means of instilling a sense of responsibility in them. Its purpose is to create a spirit of happiness in the family and help them become good citizens.

This does not eliminate all problems. However, it strengthens the unity of the family. The children realize they, as well as their parents, are responsible for the happiness of their home.