Nothing Greater than Mother's Love


Love of a devoted mother often has more power to cure than the best therapy which doctors can devise.

When Hisako was five years old, she was the victim of polio.
The doctors were sure she would never walk without braces.

It took months of painful exercise before Hisako finally succeeded in moving the toes of one foot.
Her mother cried tears of joy as she again and again praised Hisako.
The little girl was spurred on to make greater efforts. As her muscles grew stronger by hard exercise, the praise by her mother increased.

Three years later on Mother's Day, Hisako presented a gift of love which far surpassed anything she could have given her mother. She walked alone without braces.

One doctor explained her remark-able cure this way: "Hisako's will to walk was the result of motherly encour-agement. Hisako began to feel that she could do anything with dogged determination."

Only the doctors and nurses will ever know how many times she fell, dried her tears and tried again. Hisako succeeded because she wouldn't stop trying. She did it all for her mother.

There is nothing greater than a mother's love.