A New Life Glow


There is a certain type of psychological experience which can adequately be described only as a "rebirth." It occurs when something of importance appears to change a person's outlook in life.

The occasions of this "rebirth" are many and varied. However, a very common occasion is recovery from a long illness. A patient had been lying on his back for many months, unable to do anything for himself. He had to depend upon others to feed him, bathe him and care for him in every way. Then, he began to improve. He was once again able to stand on his own feet and work with his own hands. He had a new life. He had been born again.

Psychologically speaking, a similar feeling of birth is often felt by people who fall in love. Life was dull and uninteresting for a certain young man until he met a certain young lady. Then everything changed. The glow of light which she shed on his life lit a fire in his heart. He had a new life. He had been born again.

The strongest experience of rebirth, however, occurs in the field of religion. When the light of Faith dawns upon a person for the first time, the deepest foundations of his life are changed. His attitude toward life may have been very materialistic. But in the light of Faith, it has become spiritual. He had been living as though he possessed only a body. But, now he begins to give proper attention to the life of the soul.

A person undergoes an exhilarating experience when he discovers for the first time the beauties of the spiritual life. He feels like the sick man who was cured. Like the young man who fell in love.

He has been born again.