A Special Presence


Nobuo graduated from college last spring and went to work in the office of a large department store. Though he had graduated with high marks, he felt very humble. After all, he knew very little about the practical operation of a department store. Fortunately, he was aware of his own ignorance and was anxious to learn.
Nobuo, however, was not only interested in learning about his work. He also learned the traditions of the store, its customs and policies. He went futher. He made a study of the personalities of his superiors and fellow workers.
He tried to appreciate the good qualities of those with whom he worked. Before long. Nobuo began to realize that other members of the staff had many faults. There were ambition, jealousy, fear, hate, pride and other foibles. This, however, did not prevent him from respecting his fellow-workers. He realized that he had faults of his own.
Nobuo was not afraid to express hisopinions concerning the work of his sec-tion, even when others disagreed. But he thought his opinions out well before he expressed them with restraint.
Above all, he kept in mind the important fact that he was supposed to earn his pay. To be conscientious, reliable and cooperative were the ideals he set for himself.
He has been working in the department store for less than a year. But, already, he is one of the most valuable employees.
His future with the department store is assured.