The Sign of Love


The father of my friend died recently. His father had been a very important man in Japanese society, and was the head of a large corporation. With his death, my friend's responsibilities would be greatly increased.

My friend showed little inclination to speak about the problems he might face in the family business. He chose rather to talk about his personal relations with his father, expressing sadness at his father's death in a rather unique way. He said, "It did't have to be something extremely important. Dad rejoiced even when I got a good score on the golf course. I have lost the person who rejoiced the most at the good things I did.

It is normal for children to tell their parents about every little thing they attain, whether they draw a good picture, or win a race. If the parents show pleasure at hearing the news, the children are greatly encouraged, and try harder than ever to succeed in the things they do.

My friend is 50 years old, but he got encouragement we all need. It is a type of encouragement we should all give. The bond between parents and children, the bond between friends, and the bond between husbands and wives is strengthened by the joy expressed concerning each other's success. To rejoice at the good things another person does is a true sign of love.