When Morning Comes


There is something wonderful about getting up in the morning. It is like being born all over again.

When we go to bed at night, we are tired, both physically and mentally. We lie down and go to sleep. We are in another world, unaware of even existing. Then we awaken. The darkness of night is fading, being replaced by the the light of the morning sun. We have new strength. The exhaustion of our bodies has been erased And we have an opportunity to make a new start at living.

In a very true sense, we are different people today than we were yesterday. We are either better or worse. And, we will be different again tomorrow. Today is really the most important day in our lives.

If we have faults in our character of which we are ashamed, the new day offers us a new chance to overcome them.

We all make mistakes in life. But, we never need to feel that our life will be a failure if we have the courage to correct our faults and begin again.

Each morning offers us that opportunity. Above all, each new day offers us a new opportunity to overcome our tendency to selfishness and to work anew for the welfare of others.