Our Common Hope is Love


The world is make up of many different types of people. There are tall people and short people; old people and young people; and children.

These different types of people are divided among a great many professions and occupations. Some women are housewives and some work in offices. Some men run companies, while other men drive taxis or build buildings while others are artists.

All of these different people have their own likes and dislikes with food. They like different colors of clothing and different forms of entertainment.

The way in which people differ from one another could be listed interminably and each difference would be important. It is through the qualities which distinguish us from others that our own individual personalities are determined.

However, even more important than the differences among men are the things they have in common. Of special importance is the common goal which each seeks. Basically, there is one desire which permeates the whole human race. Regardless of how many differences may exist between all people, many agree in this: they want to love and be loved.

This common desire, moreover, is one which people have to fulfill for one another. Unfortunately, we are so conscious of the differences which separate us from each other that many opportunities to love and be loved are lost.

The world becomes a cold and lonely place when individuals think too much about themselves.

It becomes warm and cheerful when we open our hearts to the love of friendship with each other.