An Invitation for a Happy Life


Recently a group of businessmen were discussing their hobbies and talents. They spoke of their deep interest in music during their student days, and of efforts they had made at drawing pictures and writing.

One member of the group, however, remained silent until the very end of the discussion. Then he remarked, "Outside of my work, the only talent I seem to have is make people laugh."

They all agreed that the ability to make others happy is a talent of considerable importance.

Talents among men are indeed varied. Unfortunately, they are not always recognized for the valuable thing they are.

The talents of some men remain hidden throughout life, like undiscovered gold in a mountain. These people are not even aware of the great treasures which they possess.

The talents of others are sometimes hidden, like money. These people are very much aware of their abilities. But, they exercise their talents only as a means of attaining personal satisfaction.

Finally, there are people who recognize their talents as more than private possessions. These persons look upon every ability they possess as an instrument to be developed and utilized for the welfare of their fellow men.

To appreciate one's own talents and to use them effectively, not only for oneself but also for the good of others, is the secret of a successful and happy life.