A Love Letter


Jiro was the son of a very wealthy family. He was also very clever.  He was in the habit of getting what he wanted.  And now he wanted Sachiko. He had known her from the time they were children and had grown to love her very much. Now he decided that she would be his bride. He was not certain, however, as to how she felt. So he wrote her a letter, proclaiming his love in glowing terms, asking Sachiko to marry him.

He sent it by Special Delivery but no answer came. He was not one to give up easily, however.  He wrote a new letter every day for a month and sent them all Special Delivery.

"She will have to give in eventually," he thought. Sachiko finally wrote back, apologizing for not having answered sooner. She gently refused him.

Jiro's letters, however, were not without effect.  They actually led to her marriage, not to Jiro, but to the mailman who had delivered all of the Special Delivery letters. Jiro was shocked when he heard about it. "I could have given her so much," he thought. 

Sachiko's husband could not buy luxuries for her. Nor did he stand out in a crowd for his cleverness. They were simply attracted to one another. In their love for each other, they found happiness. Love is, indeed, a delicate thing. To be genuine, love must arise spontaneously in the heart. It must be freely given and it must be based on an attraction to a person himself, not his possessions.