The Faults of Others...


The president of a large manufacturing company in the United States received a visit from his nephew, who wanted a job in the company. The president never had a very high opinion of his nephew. Yet, he did not feel he could turn the boy down outright. Instead, he gave him an application blank. "Fill this out." he said, "and I will see what can be done."

As soon as the nephew left, the president tore up the application and threw the pieces in the wastebasket. He did not want to be bothered with someone in whom he had no confidence.

Later in the day, however, he felt somewhat embarrassed by his hasty action. "At least I should give him the same chance as others have," he thought to himself. "I'd better send his application to the personnel director." Before going home, he collected all the pieces of his nephew's application from the wastebasket. Then he copied the material on a new blank in his own handwriting. The following morning he sent the application to the personnel office.

The answer from the personnel director a few days later came as a shock to the president. "The applicant has qualifications which indicate that he could do very good work," the note read. "But our handwriting expert's report is unfavorable. The boy's handwriting shows that he a quarrelsome and domineering. He would not be a good influence in the company."

The faults which the handwriting expert pointed out were the very faults which the president disliked. However, the handwriting which had been examined was not that of his nephew. It was of the uncle, the president.

It very often happens that the faults of others are faults we ourselves possess.