To Become a Better Person


Recently, a young mother took her four-year-old daughter on a shopping trip in downtown. They visited some department stores and walked leisurely through number of shops, before it was time to go home. But, on the way, they passed a group of students who were collecting money to help construct an old folks home.

The mother stopped and opened her purse. Taking out a 100 yen coin, she gave it to her daughter and told her to go over and put it in the box which one of the students was holding.

The little girl was smiling, as she took the coin and walked over to where the students were standing.

When the girl put the money in the box, however, the expression on her face turned to one of disappointment. She was looking around the bottom of the box, expecting chewing gum or candy to come out. But, there was nothing.

The mother took her daughter gently by the hand, and, as they walked down the street, explained to her the purpose of the collection boxes. "Those students, are not in business, like the stores are. They are not selling anything. They are trying to help provide a home, where aged people can spend their time in comfort and happiness. They are asking people who pass by to cooperate by contributing money. "

She continued. "You not only help other people when you make contributions, but you also become a better person.