December 25th is Christmas Day. It is the one day of the year, above all others, when the hearts of people all over the world soar to new heights. It is a day for offering suitable prayers to God. However, that leads to the question of how shall we pray. I wish to recommend the following prayer.

Lord, give me a gentle heart so that I may never hurt anyone with words of anger or sarcasm.

Let me have the gift of suffering so that I may win the promise of heaven.

Grant me, Lord, the gift of clear insight so that I can see the good things life which I miss because they are so close to me.

Put a song my heart, Lord, so that I can praise you and ask your blessing.

Give me charity so I am able to love and love and love. Then, even when I am hurting, help me to forgive.

I ask you, Lord, for the gift of Identity, so that I may always be myself, since I am made in your image and likeness.

I ask for wisdom to learn about you, Lord, so that I will always have strong faith in your love and guidance.

Finally, Lord, I ask for the grace to know when a gift is given. And to hold on to it, and say,

"Thank you, God."