Smile of the Sun


Many years ago, there was a radio program called the "Smile of the Sun." The sun shines on the earth, giving light and warmth. In the same way, a smile also illuminates our society, warming the hearts of people.

Everyone is affected by the weather to some degree. When it is dark and cloudy, our spirits sink. When the clouds lift and the sun comes out, our bodies are light and we feel good about ourselves.

In the same way, when we meet a gloomy person, we respond with a gloomy feeling. When we meet someone with a cheerful smile, it is only natural to smile in return.

This radio program began every day with the words, "Rather than complain about the darkness, do something positive to make things better."

Upon hearing this, one person wondered how it would be possible to do something positive. I think that one way to be positive is to smile. We are probably not able to do big things to make the world better place but everyone is able to smile.

A smile is only a small thing, but if you smile every day at all the people you meet over a lifetime, you can be sure that all the smiles piled up one after another, will bear much fruit that will be able to spread happiness among many people.

To make this world a better place, and to bring about peace and happiness, try, with God, to love everybody, as much as possible, with a smile.