Three on a Bench


They were three very ordinary boys, sitting on a bench, talking. Keiji paid little attention to them. He just read the paper as he waited for the bus.

Then suddenly he noticed that a package he was carrying was missing. He was sure that he had it with him when he left the house. But now it was gone.

He began looking in the bushes near the bench. The three boys were soon helping him. "It's a small package containing a radio," Keiji told them.

Then he explained why it was important. He had met a lonely lady in a hospital visit whom he wished to help. He was going to take the radio to her that evening after work.

The search was still going on when the bus turned the corner, so Keiji gave the boys his card and wrote the name of the patient on it, just in case they found the radio.

He did not go to the hospital that evening because he couldn't afford to buy another radio until next payday.

Before payday came, however, he received a letter from the patient, Mrs. Yoshida. She thanked him profusely for his kindness in sending her a radio. But I wondered why you sent three?

" So, I guessed that you wanted me to give me a chance to help other patients. I kept one of the radios and gave the others to two ladies in the next room. They thank you, just as I do."

Each of the boys at the bench had the same idea. They each sent Mrs. Yoshida a radio in Keiji's name.