The Spirit of Christmas


Today, December 25, is just another winter day in Japan, but it has a special meaning for all peoples as Christmas, a feast for the whole world.

Christmas is a day of peace when love and joy are everywhere.
It is a day for families to celebrate. It is also a time when hearts are softened, the bonds of love are made stronger, and occasionally, even war is avoided.

Among the readers there may be some married couples, who, during the year, may have had misunderstandings with each other. There is no better time than Christmas to talk things over, and to heal such problems. Their married life may have been in tatters before, but now it has a chance to be stronger than ever before.

In the case of someone has lost a friend because of some trifling reason,if he approaches that friend in the spirit of Christmas, he might be able to recover that friendship.

If there happens to be a workplace which is shrouded in pessimism and bickering, it might be a good time to get rid of lurking trends, and replace them with at the spirit of Christmas.

Just what is the Christmas spirit? It is how we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who brought love, peace and joy into our lives. This is what we call the spirit of Christmas. Can you imagine what kind of place this world would be if all the good things we find in the life of Jesus could be continued in the heart of man throughout the whole year?