Written in the Stars


Mr. T. was on the verge of despair as a writer, when he decided to visit an astrologist. He told her the year, day and hour of his birth, and then waited as she consulted books concerning the movement of the stars. Her conclusion was that Mr. T. would meet a friend who would arrange for him to get a good job.

Mr. T. put little stock in what the astrologist said, until he ran into an old friend some time later. The friend told him that he was quitting his job as associate editor of a large magazine. "This is the friend the astrologer spoke of," thought Mr. T. , "and that is the job."

"Who is replacing you at the magazine?" he asked. "They haven't decided yet," the friend answered. "I'm going to apply," said Mr. T. "You're too young," replied the friend. They'll never hire you."

But Mr. T. had confidence. He was sure that he would get the job. It was written in the stars. He approached the manager of the magazine and refused to take "no" for an answer. He was so determined and so confident in his approach that the company relaxed their rules on age and gave him the job.

Mr. T. was understandably elated when he left the publishing house. Then it suddenly occurred to him that he had given the wrong year as the date of his birth. Her reading of the stars could not have applied to him.

Mr. T. had a good job and he was on the way to success. The job, however, and the success he was later to attain was not due to the stars. It was due to his own drive and the conviction that he would succeed.

A person who is convinced that he can succeed, will, in spite of periodic setbacks, attain to ultimate success.