I really love you, Mama!


Recently, a friend of mine had a very unusual experience in a restaurant, which impressed him so much I want to share his story with you.

At the restaurant, a mother and her daughter, about 13 years old, were seated at a table near my friend. He was deciding what to order from the menu, when a huge noise caused him to turn around just as a waitress tripped and fell. The tray in her arms flew into the air, and landed on the mother.

Her dress was covered with meat, gravy and vegetables. The waitress was in tears, as she apologized to the mother, who, with a sweet smile, was brushing the meat and vegetables off her dress with a napkin. She told the waitress, "Don't worry. I'm not hurt at all. In fact, I was even thinking about having this dress dry-cleaned soon ,anyway."

In a little while things settled down and returned to normal. My friend heard the daughter say, "Mama, you are a wonderful. I really love you!" Everyone in the restaurant felt the same way.

There are so many selfish persons in the world today, so when we hear such a warmhearted story, I wonder if we would react in the same way as the mother did in this story?