Say Please and Thank you


As a class assignment, a grade school teacher recently asked her students to write their opinions as to how peace might be attained.

A few of the suggestions make by the children were: "I wouldn't sell guns." "Don't holler at anybody." "Share your toys with other children." "I would keep other people from fighting each other." "I would try to help sick people in other lands." "Say please and thank you." "I would tell other people about God and pray for peace."

These children obviously have a very broad view of peace. They would like to stop all wars and help all the suffering people in foreign lands. Yet, with a type of wisdom which is so characteristic of children, they can also see that peace is intimately connected with the relations they have with each other.

They realize that they can help bring peace to the world by "Sharing their toys," "By not hollering at others." And by saying "please"and "thank you."

In this matter, as in so many others, we adults have much to learn from children. We are rather inclined to think of peace as merely an absence of war.  It is really much more. True peace requires a spirit of friendship and active cooperation among all people.

Wars among nations sadden us. We all have an obligation to pray to God for their speedy end. At the same time, while we are worrying about the wars between nations, we must not neglect to do our part to make true peace a reality in the corner of the world in which we live.