The Road to Success


People who look for shortcuts to success seldom accomplish much in life.
There is no easy way, no mysterious way to guarantee success in every under-taking, but four simple rules greatly en-hance your chances of accomplishing what you set out to do.

1. Know what you want to do.
2. Be-live that you can and will succeed in do- ing it.
3. Start now to do it.
4. Persevere.

Many projects fail because the goal or objective is somewhat confused.

There must be a definite air, a really clear picture of what is to be accomplished.

Having set a goal, believe firmly that you will attain it. All doubt should be cast aside. Be confident and sure. Convince yourself that you have the power and ability to reach your goal. Successful people are confident people.

A definite objective and all the confi-dence in the world will do little good if you don't work to achieve success. To make a dream come true, the thoughts must be transferred into action. Why don't you start today, right now?

Finally, persevere. At times there will be discouragement, even failures. But they should be no more than temporary detours on the road to success. For adetermined and dedicated person, a set-back is a challenge to greater effort.

Know what you want to do, then believe that you can and will do it. Startnow and keep on working. There is nosurer way to succeed.