Together Forever


Time has taken its toll on the couple
as they made their way through life. The cares of raising a family and balancing
the budget, the war and other troubles
had brought wrinkles to their faces, and had turned their hair pure white.

They were old now but they were
happy. Through the years, their love for each other had grown ever more refined and meaningful. She had always felt pride in his accomplishments, and he always found joy in returning home to the woman whom he had chosen as his bride.He knew how much a little present had meant to her, and she knew how to prepare a meal that would please him.

In raising the children, they had
worked perfectly together as a team. He symbolized authority and she symbolized tenderness and compassion. The children loved both parents equally, and love bound them all together into a very close family.

When the children grew up and left
home, the aging couple were alone.
Yet they were never lonely.They continued to share thier joys and their sorrows.They still enjoyed making plans for the future, even though they knew their future on this earth was growing short.

When he died, she was lost because they had been together for so long. In less than a year, she too breathed her last. There was a smile on her lips. She was on her way to join him forever.

They were a couple who understood the real meaning of marriage. In a very true sense they became one in the bond of love. They are together forever, united with God in the joy of eternal life.