Use Your God-given Talents


Talents are very mysterious things. We all have different talents but cannot explain how they work. Why can someone sing so well,while another can scarcely carry a tune? Why are sports natural to one person but not to another? And why do some show a great talent for study?
These are questions we cannot answer. Yet, there are certain things about talents which we do know. For example, we know talents are received, not made, by those who have them. These talents can be developed and perfected by the person who has them.
Unfortunately, sometimes people become proud of their talents and use them only for personal gain. Others fail to develop talents they have. Both make the same mistake. They forget their talents are given to them by God to use for the welfare of others.
Although we may not have talents which attract the attention of others, we each have certain abilities given to us for others.
Whatever our talents may be, we should recognize them, develop them and use them for the happiness of our fellow men.