I'll be Better Tomorrow


An old man was crossing a street one rainy day, he sprawled by the truck on the road.
The doctor shook his head in wonderment, after the autopsy had been performed. The old man's lungs were covered with tuberculosis scars,and his stomach had obviously been injured by many ulcers. His heart and kidneys also showed considerable evidence of deterioration.
"How old did you say your husband was?" the doctor asked the widow. "He was eighty," she answered."Eighty! With all the things that were wrong with him," the doctor replied, " he lived 30 years beyond his time.
I don't understand how he could have lived so long."
"He surprised many doctors," answered the wife. "He had a weak constitution from the time he was a child.Throughout his life,he suffered from one sickness after another. On several occasions,doctors told him that he had only six months to live.
"He was a man of courage." she continued, and he loved life. Every night, before he went to bed, he would kneel down and say a prayer., Then he would turn to me and say, "I'll be better tomorrow." This was not always true. But, the hope was there and that is what kept him alive.
Man's mind has great power over his body. When there is hope in the mind, there is strength in the body. The old man knew this - it was the secret of his old age. "I'll be better tomorrow," he would say when he went to bed. We could profit from doing the same thing.