Only Babies are born


In most countries there are a number of international schools where students are children of diplomats and businessmen.
At one school in Spain, a conscientious history teacher tries to present the history of each country in as favorable light as possible, and to inspire each student to have pride in his own country.
She added a special question to the history examination. "What great men were born in your native land? Most students gave answers the teacher expected---presidents, prime ministers, scientists and inventors who were born in their native lands.
Two students, however, gave other answers. The teacher assumed that these ten-year-olds had misunderstood the question. But at the same time, the answers made her think.
One student gave only the name of his father, who was not likely to ever appear in the history books as a great man. Yet, to his son, this man was great. The other student answered: "No great men have been born in my country, only babies."
The student was right. Great men are not born. Although genes of great talent may be present at birth, greatness is attained only by constant effort required to develop that talent.