Smile of the Sun - 太陽のほほえみ



Thank You Letters Are So Important

smile of the sun - 太陽の微笑みイメージ A noted author and lecturer was telling some dinner companions about what an old school teacher had contributed to his life. It was this teacher, he said, who first awakened his interest in literary attainments. It was she who first helped him develop his gift of expression. Whatever success he had attained as an author, he went on to say, got its start from the encouragement she had given him to develop his talents.

When the author finished the teacher's praises, one of his companions asked if he had ever thanked her for the spark she had given to his ambitions. For the first time he regretted not ever giving her any expression of appreciation for what she had done. That evening, after looking up her address, he immediately wrote her a letter of thanks.

Several days later a reply arrived. It was more heart-warming than anything he could have ever imagined. The teacher said that when she read his letter, she broke down and cried. She had taught school for 50 years, and he was the first of her former students who wrote her a letter of appreciation.

Her reply in turn, was a great thrill for the author. He began to think of all the others who had helped him attain success. From that time on, he made it a practice to mail a few "thank you" letters each week to people who arranged speaking engagements for him, or commented on his books.

With every letter he wrote, he gained a new appreciation of the goodness of others. People seemed more anxious than ever to help him. They were grateful to him for his thoughtfulness in giving thanks.


Smile of the Sun - 太陽のほほえみイメージ有名な作家で、講演者でもある人が自分が今日あるのは、学生時代の先生のおかげだと、ある食事会で話した。この先生は、彼の文学への興味を呼び覚まし、表現力を伸ばしてくれた最初の人であり、自分が現在作家として成功したのも、才能を伸ばすようにとの彼女の励ましから出発したものだと語った。